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Employment Services

NorthStar Services is an employment first agency.  We believe that employment in the community is possible for everyone. NorthStar Services respects the personal opinion and preference of the person receiving services.  We support people in a variety of work options which may include one or more of the following:

  • Community employment
  • Self-employment

Employment Specialists and other NorthStar staff are specially trained to assist people receiving services in their career planning and development. The process of career planning has 5 ongoing steps which include the following:

  • Self Exploration
  • Job/Career Exploration
  • Decision Making/Employment Contacts
  • Work
  • Career/Life Planning and Reflecting

Through this process, we can assist the person to engage in a process of identifying their strengths and goals, exploring different types of jobs, contacting perspective employers, working, and further career and life planning.

NorthStar staff can be involved in the career planning process as much or as little as needed or desired by the person receiving services. Each person is different and their NorthStar staff will help them design a system of supports that is individualized to them.

Community Involvement

NorthStar Services provides support for people to learn about and participate in their communities by interacting with others and becoming a part of their community. We support people who receive services in forming and maintaining friendships with other community members, co-workers, and peers. We assist people to perform the reciprocal responsibilities of their varied roles as a family member, friend, neighbor, citizen, or organization member. Everyone belongs to a community and has a right to live, play, and pray there.

If a person receiving services has decided that work is no longer a goal in their life because of age or personal preference, NorthStar Services can assist the person in pursuing retirement activities within their home and community. Even if someone no longer has a life goal of being employed, they can still give back to their community through volunteering, belonging to clubs and organizations, and continuing to explore new interests and experiences.

Residential Services

NorthStar Services also provides residential services. We can assist people in locating places to live. The person’s choice of a home depends on the level of support needed, a person’s preference, the resources available to the person, and the available options. This could include one of the following:

  • Sharing a home, supports, and expenses with others in services
  • Living in a NorthStar group home in a room and board situation
  • Renting or buying their own home

We assist people in their homes in whatever areas they request and require including, but not limited to the following:

  • Personal care needs such as dressing, eating, bathing, and toileting
  • Home management including meals, laundry, shopping, housekeeping and maintenance
  • Transportation for activities that are out of their home
  • Financial assistance including budgeting, paying bills, bank reconciliation, taxes, and completing applications for financial assistance
Respite Services

NorthStar Services also provides respite services for families and caregivers. Respite services are designed to give families and caregivers a temporary break from the responsibilities and obligations of supporting their family member.

NorthStar is committed to improving employment outcomes for people in our services. 

  • NorthStar-supported individuals that are self-employed or employed in their community. 53%
  • Individuals supported by Nebraska DD agencies in integrated supported environments. 24%
  • National percentage of persons with a disability who are employed. 18%

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Privately paying for services may also be an option.  Contact the NorthStar office closest to you to find out how.

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